Quality materials and advanced rotational molding!

With an integrated approach to manufacturing which combines innovative materials and smart design principles, the most efficient production processes are guaranteed.

Safe and effective tools and equipment for all building site needs: debris chutes, hoppers, steel supports, braking devices, accessories and optionals.

Systems and products for road safety, urban construction sites and for site delineation. Our road separators and parking bollards are made of high quality polyethylene and are easily transportable and stackable.

We produce tanks for the nautical industry as well as seats for ships, boats and yachts and campers.

We produce a complete range of vases for plants and flowers of any size for interiors and exteriors alike.

We can manufacture customized items upon request. We currently produce different items from tanks for the agricultural sector to electrical parts and pets accessories.

We produce indestructible document holders for office use. These items are produced in high density polyethylene which has an excellent resistance to wear and tear.

Performance Reliability

Tekcnoplast guarantees a high product performance even under strong chemical and physical strain.

Advanced Technology and Innovative Materials

Our production know-how guarantees inner tension-free products.

Road Safety Guaranteed

The plant technology guarantees long-life and resistant road safety products.

Plant Technology and High Quality Materials

Tekcnoplast uses rotational molding which assures a monolithic product structure without joints, weldings or other weak points.