Plastic thermoforming and fiberglass molding are two of the most widely used systems to make parts and items for road mobility, rail, construction, medical and other industries.
Even if each of the two processes can be considered effective to manufacture high quality products, the thermoforming of polyethylene and other thermoplastics have some very distinct advantages over fiberglass.

Plastic kennels are becoming increasingly popular, both because they generally require less investment than wooden ones, and for some practical advantages.
In fact, the plastic kennels guarantee maximum comfort to its four-legged guest, but without involving a large amount of time, energy and money of its owner.

The road barrier (New Jersey) by Tekcnoplast at the E-motor Show 2021by Mercedes-Benz Italy, the first championship in the world with fully electric cars, held from 22 to 24 October at the Pala Rescifina in Messina.

Plastic formwork is the most suitable solution for the construction of concrete elements of different thickness and height such as rectangular or round section columns, pillars, walls and foundation beams.

On September 18, a few days after the end of the last round of summer holidays, Tekcnoplast Srl wanted to celebrate, together with all its employees, collaborators and their families, the important commercial goals achieved in recent months.


Tekcnoplast is a leader company in rotational moulding manufacture of construction and industry products: rubbish chutes, hoppers, polyethylene boxes, pivoted buckets, road barriers, parking bollards, nautical and caravan tanks, nautical seats, Waste Container lids, garden pots and planters, indoor pots and planters, plastic furniture.

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