Tools and equipment for all building site needs: conveyors, rubbish chutes, braking devices, accessories and optionals. Safe and effective products for all building needs.

The Construction Sector is specialized in the production and distribution of First choice linear Polyethylene equipment as well as of accessories for building site needs, e.g. rubbish chutes, hoppers, universal hopper support, braking devices, chains and other useful accessories.

All Tekcnoplast accessories and polyethylene products are made by rotational moulding and can be used for property renovations and building restorations, building sector, building contractors and building dealers.

Our building products are also suitable for rentals.

Rubbish chute

The rubbish chute is used in the construction industry to channel the rubble from the different floors of a building through a column in order to avoid any dispersion or accidental damage to pedestrians or workers near the worksite.

Protection metal sheet for rubbish chute

The reinforcement metal plate protects the column against wear or early break, especially near the curve of the chute column.


The Tekcnoplast hopper has been designed to guarantee easier and cleaner loading operations thanks to its shape, incline and opening size.

Polyethylene box

The polyethylene box is watertight and has been designed to rapidly and safely carry any kind of liquid or solid material - e.g. concrete, mortar, sand or rubble. The polyethylene box is a valid alternative to the traditional metal version.

Pivoted bucket

This polyethylene container has a 70litre capacity and is suitable for carrying, stocking or unloading any kind of material. It is watertight, handy and easy to overturn. Very resistant to shocks and abrasions. Easy maintenance.

Hopper universal support

The support, which can be fixed either to a wall or to scaffolding, holds the column weight by two snap-hooks. It also holds the hopper on the upper edge.

Braking device

The Braking Device reduces the speed of falling debris, shuttering them. A reduction in speed leads to lower knocks and friction, hence reduced wear and tear of chutes and hoppers. The braking device also noticeably reduces noise and powder during use.

Galvanized guiding ring with chains

The zinc-coated guiding ring with chains allows to secure the chute column to the scaffold or to the building. It reduces oscillations during unloading operations. It also make the final part of the column converge in the unloading area.

Chain with hook

The chain anchored to the rubbish chute includes a hook and ringbolt.

Winch holder frame

The frame, assembled over the universal support, allows to lift the rubbish chute column either by the winch or the hoist.

Anti-dust tarp

The PVC anti-dust tarp, once assembled in the collection unit, protect the surrounding area from dust.

Anti-dust hose

The anti-dust hose, to be assembled in the chute edges, protects the surrounding area from dust.


Tekcnoplast is a leader company in rotational moulding manufacture of construction and industry products: rubbish chutes, hoppers, polyethylene boxes, pivoted buckets, road barriers, parking bollards, nautical and caravan tanks, nautical seats, Waste Container lids, garden pots and planters, indoor pots and planters, plastic furniture.

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