The rubbish chute is used in the construction industry to channel the rubble from the different floors of a building through a column in order to avoid any dispersion or accidental damage to pedestrians or workers near the worksite.

Tekcnoplast rubbish chute main competitive features are as follows:

Coupling system

For any easy assembly and maximum safety, the two point coupling system is fitted into a strengthened rim. This coupling system as well as the hook insure resistance and stability of the column during the unloading of rubble, preventing breakages in case of overload. The safety hinge allows a firm hold of the load avoiding any accidental releasing.

Stackable with anti-joint stacking system

The chute is equipped of 4 space ribs in order to easily stack, transport and stock the items. Once the chutes stacked, the ribs prevent the chute interlocking with its upper one.

High Quality, Resistance and Safety

The raw material used is carefully selected to guarantee the final user an excellent performance and duration thanks to its resistance to humidity. The ribbed shape and First choice linear Polyethylene material guarantee a high mechanical elasticity and improved noise and impact absorption.


Products can be customized with high visibility colours or with a logo. A minimum order quantity is required.

Features E001TZ
Material Top quality linear polyethylene
Weight 8 kg
Upper external diameter ø 59 cm
Upper internal diameter ø 50 cm
Internal diameter ø 38 cm
Height 106 cm


Tekcnoplast is a leader company in rotational moulding manufacture of construction and industry products: rubbish chutes, hoppers, polyethylene boxes, pivoted buckets, road barriers, parking bollards, nautical and caravan tanks, nautical seats, Waste Container lids, garden pots and planters, indoor pots and planters, plastic furniture.

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