21 January 2021

Also for 2021, the Italian government has confirmed a series of bonuses to encourage the building renovation and the energetic and ecological redevelopment.

Depending on the different areas of intervention, these tax and financial benefits are divided into:

  • Building Renovations Bonus
  • Furniture and Household Appliances Bonus
  • Facades Bonus
  • Green Bonus
  • Ecobonus
  • Seismic Bonus

Building Renovations Bonus

This benefit consists of a deduction of up to 50% of all expenses incurred for:

  • renovation, restoration and renovation of housing units, rural, rustic, garages and common parts of residential buildings;
  • installation of elevators, escalators and other tools that facilitate the elimination of architectural barriers through robotics and other advanced technologies.
  • asbestos removal
  • works aimed at avoiding domestic accidents (inert gas detection systems, anti-accident glass, electrical systems adjustment, anti-intrusion systems).
  • cabling of buildings, reduction of noise pollution, energy savings, static and seismic security measures.

The bonus also includes professional services such as design, inspection, compliance reports, taxes and fees paid for obtaining concessions and authorisations. 

Furniture and Household Appliances Bonus

Who in 2020 has started a building renovation, will also benefit from a deduction of 50% of the expenses incurred to buy:

  • furniture and furnishings,
  • lighting systems,
  • large new appliances of energy class not less than A

Also included in this benefit are the costs of transport and assembly of purchased goods.

Facades Bonus

This measure covers 90% of the costs of the restoration of the external façade, including cleaning or painting only, of buildings located in:

  • historical, artistic or cultural areas,
  • localities of particular environmental value,
  • suburbs.

Only interventions on masonry parts, balconies, ornaments and friezes are eligible for the bonus.

Green bonus

This tax relief provides for the deduction of 36% of the costs of planning and implementation of urban redevelopment consisting of:

  • green arrangement of terraces, balconies and horizontal, vertical or hanging gardens,
  • construction of wells and irrigation systems.

These measures also cover public buildings, provided that the works are financed by private entities.

The superbonus at 110% 

To further support families and businesses in the Coronavirus emergency, the Italian government has approved an extraordinary measure. In fact, for some interventions it has provided a deduction of 110%, that is higher than the amount spent. 

Thanks to the 110% super bonus, taxpayers can choose between a tax credit and a discount on the invoice by the supplier, who can recover it in the form of a tax credit transferable to banks and financial intermediaries.

This measure concerns thermal insulation, specific seismic interventions, and the construction of charging stations for electric vehicles.


It provides a deduction or discount of up to 65% for the implementation of energy saving:

  • Installation of boilers, mosquito nets, sun shades and awnings 
  • Replacement of windows and fixtures
  • Interventions of insulation, 
  • Installation of home automation systems, heat pumps, solar panels for the production of hot water, and hybrid generators consisting of an integrated heat pump with condensing boiler.

Seismic Bonus

The aim of this measure is to facilitate the safety of homes and productive buildings located in areas recognised as at seismic risk.

The deduction is also due for the installation of continuous structural monitoring systems.




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