18 January 2021

In full compliance with the provisions indicated by the competent authorities to contain the spread of Covid-19, Tekcnoplast ensures the operational continuity of the factory and administrative offices, despite the persistence of the pandemic situation.

Currently, all the departments of Tekcnoplast continue their activities without interruption with the regular pace, continuing to offer customers, in addition to the supply of all the items in the catalogue, the usual full pre- and post-sale support.

Indeed, in accordance with the prevention standards established by the national and European institutions, all measures have been taken to safeguard the health and safety of all staff.

These measures include: the thermal scanning of staff and visitors at the entrance, the use of masks as long as they stay inside the plants, the daily sanitization of the posts, and the staggering of entrances.

In fact Tekcnoplast, was one of the companies authorized to remain open to provide services to industries. So we adopted all the safety measures deemed necessary for the containment of the contagion since the first moments of the health emergency that led to the lockdown last March.

In this way we avoided any eventual criticality due to the lack of staff or to the difficulty in the shifting, continuing the production, the constant rearrangement of the supplies of the warehouse, and the normal evasion of all the orders. 

Similarly, in addition to production and various administrative and commercial activities, it was possible to continue the normal logistics and shipping operations without difficulty .

Ensuring this uninterrupted operation has meant contributing to the maintenance of supply chains for public and private utility products and services, for example in the construction, road and environmental products sectors.

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Recently, the international scientific community seems to be looking forward to a general improvement in the health situation. This could lead to a lightening of safety protocols and the gradual restoration of normal production and management processes. 

In the meantime, Tekcnoplast remains at the side of its customers, continuing to promote with due firmness all the strategies in favor of the operational continuity of its plants and for the carrying out of the normal productive, logistic and administrative activities.




Tekcnoplast is a leader company in rotational moulding manufacture of construction and industry products: rubbish chutes, hoppers, polyethylene boxes, pivoted buckets, road barriers, parking bollards, nautical and caravan tanks, nautical seats, Waste Container lids, garden pots and planters, indoor pots and planters, plastic furniture.

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