25 March 2021

According to Italian legislation, the concept of construction site is very broad. It extends to any place where construction or civil engineering works are carried out, having as object fixed or temporary works of different materials. It includes construction, maintenance, demolition, renovation and many other activities.

Fencing of the site area

The first step in the construction of a building site is to appropriately fence the area of the works to prevent access to outsiders, but above all to identify the site as clearly as possible.

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Then, after having identified the most practicable access routes, the most appropriate means for the transport of materials necessary for construction, or waste are chosen.

Plant construction and logistics

In this phase, the fundamental systems are built to carry out the various activities of the yard, beginning from power and water plants.

Depending on the size of the site, it may be necessary to build the sewerage system or the installation of one or more internet lines for offices. 

After having identified and prepared the areas to be used for the logistics of operating and administrative staff, prefabricated boxes are placed. They will be used as offices or other service areas such as bathrooms, changing rooms, warehouses ad so on.

Transport and storage of raw materials

One of the main needs of a construction site is the handling of different materials, both those that come from the outside, and those that are produced during the works.

For example, for buildings that increase in height, machinery is needed for vertical lifting of loads. 

These can be in continuous action, such as conveyor belts, or work for productive cycles of loading, lifting, unloading and return, such as cranes. 

At the same time, appropriate systems should be in place for the vertical transport of waste materials from top to bottom, such as rubbish-chutes.

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In addition, it is essential to identify the areas to be allocated to the storage of equipment and materials. These areas must have proper characteristics and position to ensure safety and ease of use.

For this reason, it is necessary to keep in mind the size of the materials to be deposited, the spaces necessary for the manoeuvres of the vehicles and the general practicability of the yard.

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Excavations and other works

The operations on the ground and on the raw materials begin with the preparation of the soil, the excavations, the realization of the foundations, and are carried out in the so-called production areas.

Then they develop in the assembly of the construction elements through various types of processing of materials, depending on the type of construction site.

One of the most common processes is the on-site production of mortars and concrete.

For this purpose, batching plants of various sizes can be installed, using manual handling containers for the distribution of products within the yard.

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In addition, it is very frequent the preparation of iron bars for the concrete reinforcements, and wood for the realization of shapes and walkable platforms.

Other typical works of construction sites, especially in case of renovations, are demolitions.  They can be carried out with an explosive device, by means of pneumatic hammers, by pushing with mechanical means such as crawler scrapers, and other means. 

Instead, in case of conservative recovery and redevelopment of the building, chemical crushing, cutting by abrasion, or laser and other minimally invasive methods are used.




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