06 May 2021

Tekcnoplast’s distribution network of construction products is constantly evolving and continues to expand beyond national borders, reaching the world’s most active industries.

The maintenance and promotion of this international supply chain are the result of the high technological level of Tekcnoplast’s industrial processes, and the great attention to the quality of the polymers used. 

Process efficiency and material quality

Over time, the synergy between the production cycles with very high standards and the search for better and more performing materials, has allowed Tekcnoplast to enter into agreements with increasingly prestigious commercial partners. 

In addition, Tekcnoplast has top-of-the-line know-how and pre and after-sales service, ensuring a great competitive advantage, demonstrated by many successful cases.

Among these, the recent agreement for the distribution of rubbish chutes with the construction industry Finnish marketplace Bau-Met deserves a prominent place.

Tekcnoplasts's Rubbish Chute

The Bau-Met catalogue

Bau-Met, a leading company in Northern Europe in the distribution of structures and equipment for the construction industry, has always had a catalogue of suppliers chosen according to the strictest criteria of product quality and service reliability. 

In fact, an overriding priority of the offer of building products promoted through the website of Bau-Met, is compliance with the highest standards of efficiency of the technical solutions and professionalism of the operator. 

In this exclusive context of selected supplies, the debris-discharge produced by Tekcnoplast and the entire line of accessories for its proper use, have gained a prominent position:


The key elements that led the Finnish e-commerce giant to promote Tekcnoplast's articles on its institutional page, were the uncompromising quality of the individual components and the completeness of the assortment of tools.

The importance of a functional backoffice

In addition to the quality of the finished products, the validity of the pre- and post-sales services guaranteed by the entire Tekcnoplast team has undoubtedly a determining role.

In fact, Bau-Met represents the interface with the market of Northern Europe, very demanding in terms of technical skills, effectiveness in purchasing assistance, punctuality in deliveries and care of every aspect of after-sales.




Tekcnoplast is a leader company in rotational moulding manufacture of construction and industry products: rubbish chutes, hoppers, polyethylene boxes, pivoted buckets, road barriers, parking bollards, nautical and caravan tanks, nautical seats, Waste Container lids, garden pots and planters, indoor pots and planters, plastic furniture.

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