20 January 2022

The new Italian 2022 Budget Law includes a number of facilities to encourage different types of construction work. These facilities consist of deductions on expenses incurred and are convertible into tax credit and invoice discounts. The interventions eligible for these measures are mainly renovation works, improvement of energy efficiency, seismic safety, removal of architectural barriers and others.

New bonus for the elimination of architectural barriers

The new provision previewed in the Italian 2022 Budget Law serves to stimulate the removal of architectural barriers in the private buildings.

The deduction amounts to 75% of the expenses incurred for the installation of lifts or elevators, and the construction of automation systems for heating and lighting systems.

The facility also covers the costs of disposing of the removed facilities.

Superbonus up to 110% for energy upgrading

The so-called Superbonus is a measure included in the Italian 2022 Budget Law that brings up to 110% the portion deductible from expenses for some interventions in different areas of energy efficiency and security.

50% - purchase and installation of windows, doors and doors with solar shielding and replacement of air conditioning systems with biomass (pellets, chipboard, etc.) or condensing boilers

65% - interventions of energetic requalification of the building, for example: installation of advanced thermoregulation systems, solar panels, high efficiency heat pumps, remote control systems and others.

110% - construction of the coating for the thermal insulation of the external walls and roofs of buildings; replacement of autonomous air-conditioning systems with central heating, cooling or domestic hot water supply.

Sismabonus 2022

It consists of a deduction for the interventions of seismic improvement of the condominiums in case of restructuring or demolition and reconstruction:

50% - general improvement, seismic class unchanged

75% - improvement of one seismic class

85% - improvement of two classes

Green Bonus 2022

The Italian 2022 Budget Law also confirms the incentive for the adoption of green solutions in private homes and condominiums.

The deduction amounts to 36% of the expenses incurred for the design, construction and maintenance of green roofs, vertical gardens, and other green interventions.

Facades Bonus 2022

This facility covers the restoration,  and consolidation of facades, cornices, ornaments, railings and flooring of balconies.

The 2022 facades bonus amounts to 60%, without spending limits.

Restructuring Bonus 2022

The restructuring bonus amounts to 50% and is granted for a very wide range of renovations and ordinary or extraordinary maintenance of buildings.

For example, you can take advantage of the 2022 restructuring bonus in case of:

  • new wiring of internet network,
  • minor interventions aimed at energy saving,
  • adoption of static and seismic safety measures,
  • sound insulation measures,
  • removal of asbestos or other hazardous materials,
  • prevention of domestic accidents
  • realization of covered and uncovered parking spaces

Restoration Bonus 2022

The new Italian 2022 Budget Law also promotes the protection and restoration of buildings of historical and artistic interest.

The interventions on this type of buildings already protected by the Superintendence enjoy a tax credit of 50% for expenses incurred by private citizens up to a maximum of 100 thousand euro.




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