10 December 2021

Despite the difficulties caused by the global pandemic emergency, Tekcnoplast’s commercial strategies on the international markets have allowed the achievement of important objectives. In fact, especially in the last months of 2021, several articles of the Tekcnoplast offer have landed on new markets such as Australia, United States and South Korea.

The construction division reaches the Australian market

The construction division of the Tekcnoplast catalogue has always been characterized by the production and marketing of high quality equipment and accessories for use, resale and rental in the fields of construction, demolition, renovation, restoration.

The offer includes rubbish-chutes, hoppers, supports, and other accessories such as anti-dust tarps and hoses, buckets and bins.

In particular, some products such as the rubbish chute and its accessories for proper assembly and use (blaking devices, protective sheets and others) had already received the appreciation of some of the most active industries in the world.

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Subsequently, several Tekcnoplast-branded construction products have reached the very demandìng Australian market, always attentive and open to Made in Italy.

The entry in this context is therefore an important first step, and the numbers suggest that in the future Australia will represent an increasingly consistent market for the Tekcnoplast offer.

The  Success of The Cromia Collection by Monacis in The USA

Tekcnoplast is also the owner of the Monacis brand, specialized in the creation and distribution of elegant and innovative indoor and outdoor design accessories. 

All products in the Monacis catalogue are made of high quality polyethylene, an ecological and fully recyclable material that guarantees exceptional appearance and strength.

The different collections that make up the Monacis offer, represent an excellence of Made in Italy long recognized all over the world.

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Among these, recently the Cromia line has been the protagonist of a commercial strategy for a larger promotion at an international level, which has allowed it to compete successfully in the US market. 

To lead this campaign, Tekcnoplast has focused mainly on two products widely appreciated also in Italy, the Stilo Round and Stilo Square vases.

The first result was the wide appreciation they received in Florida, one of the most dynamic areas of the American continent, a macro-region that has always been interested in novelties and Made in Italy products.

Monacis - Cromia Collection - Stilo Square

Strengthening the presence in South Korea

In the last months of 2021, Tekcnoplast’s commercial relations with South Korea have also been progressively strengthened, consolidating a series of partnerships already active for a long time.

In fact, these achievements follow the general trend of recent years that has seen Italian exports to South Korea reach increasingly satisfactory results.

In fact, South Korea is the Asian country with the highest per capita share of Italian imported products, both in the industrial-instrumental sector, and in the fashion and design sector.

Among the Tekcnoplast products that have achieved the most significant increases, stand out the entire construction division and some lines of the Monacis brand, especially the vases of the Rome collection.

The decisive elements for the success of these products are once again the uncompromising quality of construction products, and the combination of classic elegance and modernity of the materials of Rome vases.

Monacis - Rome Collection




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